Daughter of the Gorge


“Mom, how can you do this to me?” Throwing my purse against the just slammed door, I turn and propel my body onto the bed. My heart bursts; the tears cascade down my cheeks. My mother has betrayed me.

I attended a beauty college with a couple of my co-workers, and we were hired together by this large chain store company. We were thrilled to be hired right out of beauty school; it is unusual so close after graduation. Anyone with any knowledge in this profession knows graduation from beauty school is only a license to learn. With our new state license we were ready to go out and whip the world! This at least is what we were told in school.

Mom and I agreed she would not be home this afternoon; so it might be easier to leave. Neither of us is great at saying goodbyes. I’ve packed with what I think I’ll need to spend the summer with Gram. Other belongings I’ve packed into boxes and labeled. They can be sent another time.

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